Allplace Travel and China Tours & Asia Tours

Allplace Travel is a professional travel agency operating group tours in China and Asia and has started Calgary office since 2015. In past few years, Allplace Travel has been focusing on Asia flight booking, tours in Canada and US, and tours to China (for Chinese speakers only), and has achieved great reputation and good financial standing.

Allplace Travel is the First and the Only One in current market, specialised in China tour operation in Alberta.  From 2018 Allplace Travel has launched China tours and Asia tours (group tours) for English speaking Canadians (especially Albertans), introducing China to Canadians and sending Canadians to China for tourism. Allplace Travel’s office in China has more than 20 years of experience of operating group tours from the world, such as Europe, US and Australia, and has maintained good connections with bus, hotel and airline operators in China. More important, with excellent tour guiding team and solid tour operation experience, Allplace Travel has been in a good position to provide top quality tour products and services to Canadians.

Why China Tours and Asia Tours:

In Asia, there are a lot of different, but very amazing, nations and cultures from North America, and are worthy exploring and experiencing. China is for sure the top one, which has a longest history, of about 4000 years, with huge amount of brilliant historical and cultural achievements, such as forbidden city (600 years old), the Great Wall (2000 years old), Terra-Cotta (2000 years old), Longmen Buddha Grottos (1500 years old), Shaolin Temple (1300 years old, origin of Chinese Kongfu), ancient Suzhou Gardens, ancient water villages (1000 years old) in Southern China, ancient Dong Nation style village (Dong Nation is one of China’s minority nation), Macau old town, Beijing Opera, Chinese Kongfu, acrobatics, Tea Show, and Cloisonne, as well as a lot of unique and amazing natural heritages, such as Three Gorges, Guilin Li River Scenery, Terraced Farming Fields, and so on. Many of them have been listed as World Heritages by UNESCO.

Another thing important, Chinese foods! But you can only enjoy real Chinese foods in China! In our China tours, we will always bring you most delicious foods, especial those most famous ones, such as Peking Roast Duck, Chongqin Hotpot, and Xi’an Dumpling.

During the few weeks in our China tours, with the help of our tour guides, you will learn a lot about the longest civilization – Chinese Civilization on the planet, from history, culture, nature to food, and for sure, this journey will become one of your best memories in your lifetime.

We compete on value, not price:

Some Asia countries, especially China, are awesome destinations because of those interesting differences from history, society, culture to foods, but also because of those huge differences, such as language, society, weather and living conditions, most North Americans may only plan China tours or Asia tours once in lifetime, therefore, along with monetary budget, we believe that your opportunity cost and value of those China & Asia tours also become very crucial.

Therefore, to deliver you the most value – most enjoyable travelling experience out of our China tours and Asia tours, we offer premium small group tours with the best tour guiding service (tour leader along with experienced local tour guides) and with top quality foods and hotels.  Moreover, while delivering the most value, we also make every effort to work with our local tour operators in China to reduce the costs, therefore your costs.

Our values:

Your tour values are our values. We aim to deliver the most value out of our China tours and Asia tours, to introduce China and Asia, and the histories and cultures thereof, to our customers, and eventually to make your trip with us one of your most wonderful experience and memories.