Q: How to reserve my travel products?
A: You have two ways to reserve our travel products:
-You can come to our office directly. Every consultant can help you.
-You can also go to our website, www.allplacetravel.com, download registration form, fill it out and scan back to us by email or send by mail.
When make tour reservation, please send deposit payment cheque (CAD300.00 for each passenger) by mail or call us for credit card payment.  
Q: What does the tour price include?
A: Our tour packages include international flight, local transportations, accommodations, most meals, admission charges.
Q: What are not included?
A: 1) Local guide & drivers service fees (CAD10.00 per day per guest)
     2) Visa fee
     3) travel insurance
     4) gratuities for tour leader where applicable.
Q: Are there any hidden charges that are mandatory or else we won’t be able to enjoy the tour?
A: Absolutely no. All optional activities with charges or meals not covered are clearly listed in our itineraries, no any other charges. Personal spending is your decision.
Q: What is the maximum group size?
A: Maximum group size is 24.
Q: Do you include shopping stops in your tours?
A: Yes. We have mainly included maximum 3-4 stores that introduce local culture, traditional crafts, and specialities. You can feel free to see or buy, no forced shopping absolutely.
Q: What kind of documents do you need?
A: 1) A registration form properly filled in and signed. 2)One copy of your passport (first page with photo). 3) Visa 4) Insurance (strongly recommended)
Q: Does Allplace Travel accept credit cards?
A: Our prices are based on cheque payment to reduce your costs. We accept credit card payment only for deposit – $300.00 CAD.
Q: When do I need to pay the balance?
A: At least 90 days before the departure date. If you cannot pay it on time, your reservation will be cancelled automatically.
Q: Do you have the presentation meetings?
A: Yes. We shall arrange the presentation roughly once a month. Please call our agents or consult our website for presentation dates. In presentation, we will introduce our business, our travel products and answer your questions.
Furthermore, 2 to 3 weeks before your departure, you will be informed by phone (for date, time and address) to attend a departure preparation meeting. In that meeting, you will receive the airplane tickets we prepared for you, the final itinerary of travel, the hotel list and other related documents. Please bring your first receipt to attend the meeting.
Q: Do I need to inject the vaccine if I go to China?
A: The Chinese government doesn’t force you to inject any kind of vaccine. But maybe some of vaccines are useful for you. Our top concern is hepatitis A & B regardless of the country you travel to. We recommend you see your doctor to get more suggestions.
Q: Can Allplace Travel help us obtain visa?
A: Yes, please advise your travel consultant.
Q: Do I need the Chinese Visa?
A: If you have the Canadian passport, you must apply for the Chinese Visa.
Q: What kind of document do I need for applying the Chinese visa?
 – A Chinese Visa Application form properly filled in and signed
– Your original passport
– A color passport or visa picture with white back background
– Air ticket (round trip) and hotel booking
Q: How can I fill in the Chinese Visa Application Form?
A: If you ask Allplace travel to make the visa application, you just need to fill out an Allplace travel’s internal form with your basic info and sign off last page of formal visa application form, and we take care of the rest.
If you apply for the visa by yourself, you can just follow the instructions on Chinese visa application center’s website. We can also provide assistance when necessary.
Q: When should I apply for the Chinese visa?
A: You can start to apply for the Chinese visa after you make the final payment.
Q: How long does it take to get the Chinese Visa?
A: In general, it will take 3-4 weeks to get the visa. Once visa is received, you can come to pick up or we can mail it to you with your prepaid envelop.  
Q: How many pieces of luggage can I take?
A: Checked luggage
International flight:
For economic class, you can only take one piece of luggage for free. Each piece of luggage cannot weight more than 20KG (50 po); the size cannot be bigger than 158cm (62 in). We suggest you visit the airline company’s website to get more information.
Domestic fight: only ONE luggage is allowed. It cannot be weight more than 20KG, nor bigger than 158CM.
Carry-on luggage
International flight: You can only take one piece of carry –on luggage, each piece cannot weight more than 10KG. The size is no more than 158cm (62 in). You must take your notebook and camera now of passing the customs.
Domestic flight:  You can only take one piece of carry-on luggage; each piece cannot weight more than 5KG.
Q: What is the temperature in China
A: The form below shows the average temperature in the main cities in China. (?C)
Cities Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec.
Beijing -4.1 -1.6 4.9 13.6 20.0 24.2 25.9 24.6 19.6 12.7 5.2 -2.2
Xi’an -0.5 2.5 8.4 14.6 19.6 25.0 26.4 24.8 19.0 13.3 6.3 0.7
Shanghai 4.7 8.2 13.4 18.5 22.9 27.2 27.5 24.1 18.8 12.8 6.9 4.0
Kunming 7.9 10.0 13.0 16.6 19.1 19.6 19.7 19.0 17.2 14.6 11.1 8.0
Guilin 7.8 9.0 12.9 18.5 23.0 26.2 28.1 27.8 25.5 20.5 15.2 10.2
Hongkong 15.8 15.9 18.5 22.2 25.9 27.8 28.8 28.4 27.6 25.2 21.4 17.6
Q: How about the travel insurance?
A: The travel insurance is at your own expense. Typical travel insurance coverage should include trip cancellation & interruption, emergency hospital and medical, AD&D, and baggage. We strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance from large and professional travel insurance company.
The premium primarily depends on your age, trip duration, type and amount of plan. Allplace travel is an official agency of Allianz Insurance Company and can help you with all of travel insurances. Please feel free to contact us for a free quote. 
Q: What kind of currency is used in China?
A: Renminbi (Yuan) is used in China.CAD1.00 is equal to about 5.00 Yuan.
Q: How can I exchange the currency?
A: -You can exchange the Chinese currency in any bank in Canada.
 -In China, you can exchange your money at the airport or at the hotel’s reception desk. The exchange rate will be better. You can take CAD300 or American Dollar with you. In China, the American Dollars are more popular.
Q: Can I use my visa card in China?
A: Yes. In China, you can use either visa or master card. But the American express or the traveler’s check are not suggested.
Q: How can I withdraw cash in China?
A: You can use your debit card at the bank counter. You can withdraw 3000 Yuan every day at maximum.    CAD $3.50 service fee will be charged each time.
Withdraw cash with your credit card: 20% service fee will be charged each time. We suggest you consult your bank to get more accurate information.
Q: What is the time difference between Calgary and China?
A: 14 hours in summer and 15 hours in winter.
Q: What is the difference from tour guide and tour leader?
A: A tour leader from our Canadian office or China office will be assigned for group size of 20 people or more (group size of 16 to 18 people is subject to confirmation) Tour leader is responsible for general information, coordination between different cities or areas, in transit, in hotel and when local tour guide is off duty. Sometimes, tour leader may not be physically around the tour group.
Tour Guides are responsible for their local tours and attractions and therefore local tour guides will be changed from area to area, or even city to city.  Tour guides know most about your trip and local communities, so they are the best ones to assist you for any concerns you may have. Also, tour guides will be around you all the time, except for the period you stay in your hotel. An emergency phone number, which could be reached 24 hours a day, will also be provided throughout your trip (if no tour leader is assigned). When tour guides are off duty, you can always call the emergency number if any concerns.